About Kacie

Hi! I'm Kacie Woodmansee. I asked Jesus to save me when I was around 10 years old. I realized being the "good kid" wasn't enough. My faith really became my own in college and God has been working in me ever since.

During those college years at the University of Arkansas (go Hogs!) I met my husband, Lee. After he tricked me into marrying him (his words) I finished up grad school and then we moved for him to go to seminary. We are now back in Arkansas where he does college ministry. 

We have three beautiful girls. Foster care and adoption have become very important to us. We believe it is one way in which the church reaches "orphans" and is a beautiful image of our adoption into God's family.

About Collective Perspective


My goal for this podcast (and blog) is to provide others with information as they form their worldviews based on Scripture. I'm also hoping to show examples of real people having real conversations about important topics with love and grace.


Mission Statement: This podcast is designed to expose listeners to different view points on culturally relevant topics all from a Biblical worldview. It will show how Christians can have important conversations with each other even when they come at a topic from different angles. Listeners will learn how the gospel permeates every aspect of their lives and be encouraged to live out the two most important commandments daily. Love God, and love others.