Adoption with Allyson Reid and Lisa Kieklak | Ep. 04

In this episode I had the chance to talk with Allyson Reid and Lisa Kieklak about the topic of adoption. All three of us have adopted within the last three years, but through different methods. Allyson and Lisa share their adoption stories and we talk about what adoption means for Christians.

Allyson Reid is a wife, stay-at-home mom, and writer at Rapt Motherhood, where she seeks to encourage moms to keep their rapt attention on Christ.

Lisa Kieklak is a pastor’s wife & twin mom who blogs at The Helpmates, seeking to inspire other wives to serve their families as they serve the Lord.

Memorable Points:

  • On their choice of adoption - “All children are made in the image of God, and all children are deserving of families.” “That money could also go to keeping a biological family together. I wanted to make sure, with whatever country we went with, and whatever specific child we were matched with, that we did all we could to maintain the biological family unit.”

  • Biggest joys of adoption - “God really taught me a lot about His sovereignty. He just really opened my eyes up to some of the idols I had in my life. And adoption really made me lose control, or at least realize that I didn’t have control...I had to really trust that God is powerful to take care of that child. And that he is sovereign over my sons’ life. And that he will never be truly mine in the way that he is God’s first.” “Seeing God provide financially for the adoption, too, was a joy.”

  • Biggest struggles of adoption - “Something that I don’t think a lot of people talk about is that it took my husband and I time to attach to him...A lot of days felt like going through the emotions.”

  • Biggest challenges in the future - “Never knowing if their biological family ever heard the gospel.” “Trying to articulate their story to them in a way that they’ll understand.”

  • What the Bible says about adoption - “Adoption is a picture of the gospel.” “It shows who our heavenly father is. That he is someone who cares about the vulnerable and the oppressed. The Bible calls him the father of the fatherless.”

  • How the church can support adoptive families - Ask about financial needs, let them know you're praying for them, bring them meals, and respect boundaries

  • Advice for those wanting to adopt - Prayer, read the Bible and other resources (listed below), talk to other adoptive families, and talk to a social worker

  • How adoption relates to the gospel - “We go from enemies of God and being in a completely different family to having the inheritance as sons and daughters as Ephesians says. Full rights to claim God as our father.” “It’s costly…it’s really carefully planned.”


Adopted for Life** by Russell Moore

Orphanology** by Tony Merida

The Connected Child** by Karyn Purvis

Empowered to Connect

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Nightlight Snowflake Adoption)

Rapt Motherhood

The Helpmates

Books We're Reading:

Humble Roots** by Hannah Anderson

Reinventing Jesus** by J. Ed Komoszewski

Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince by JK Rowling

The Connected Child** by Karyn Purvis

Perspectives on Election edited by Chad Owen Brand

Batman and Robin Eternal comics

Prayer of the Lord by RC Sproul

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