Education with Lisa Falknor, Erica Powell, and Tracy Mauldin | Ep. 06

In episode 6 I talk to Lisa Falknor, Erica Powell, and Tracy Mauldin about the topic of education choices. Lisa, Erica, and Tracy are pastor’s wives at the same church and have chosen different education paths for their children. Lisa’s husband is the lead pastor and they have three adult (or nearly adult) children. Erica is married to a student pastor and they have four young children, 6 and under, and she’s also a public school teacher. Finally, Tracy is married the associate pastor (and my former college pastor) and they have 3 children.

In this episode we talk about the choices these women made in educating their children. We look at what needs to be considered when making this decision, and how it can be influenced by our understanding of Scripture. If you have kids in school, are about to have kids in school or are a part of the education system in any way, then you’ll definitely get something from this conversation. The next school year is fast approaching (sorry teachers), and I thought this would be a good time to look at, what can be, a polarizing topic in Christian culture.

Memorable Points:

  • Making your choice - "For the LORD knows the way of the righteous" Psalm 1:6a

  • Experiencing pushback - "I think it’s easy for you to hear some comments and then that make you question your decision. I think we always, as parents, question is this really the right thing that we’re doing...With everybody’s opinions out there it’s easy to make yourself doubt sometimes."

  • Pros and Cons - Homeschooling pros are tailoring teaching to a child's learning style and including daily Bible and character training while the cons can include personal time, and challenges with socialization and material difficulty. Public/charter school pros can be that they are exposed to a variety of people and issues and many children will hear the gospel who might not otherwise. It's also a good opportunity to build community with neighbors. The cons can be similar to the pros in that they may be exposed to things you don't want them to be plus it's harder to differentiate learning.

  • What should parents consider? - “What does your family need and what does your kid need?” “Every family is different, and every family has different circumstances that are happening and different dynamics that are going on within the children, within parent-child relationships.” Make sure you consistently revisit the issue. “God is so personal.”

  • How can EVERYONE support public education? - Pray for public schools, don't bash the public school system, and find tangible ways like school supply drives or volunteering to help teachers and schools.

  • Building unity in spite of different choices - Humility. "Our primary thing that binds us together is Christ, and that should really be what trumps everything else. Our relationships with each other are based on our love for the Lord, not how we choose to educate our kids."

  • What does the Bible say about education? - Love and disciple your kids, it doesn’t matter which method of education you choose. Be very intentional about your time. The Bible has a high view of education (Deuteronomy 11:19) Whatever you choose, do it 100%. Proverbs 8:10-11

  • How does education relate to the gospel? - To be the hands and feet of people to Christ. Whatever you’re doing during the day. Share how the good news relates to every subject. Use it as an evangelistic opportunity.


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