No Such Thing As "The One"

If you missed it, my husband and I talked about marriage in last week's episode. There was a topic I thought it would be fun to cover, but we didn't have time. I'm possibly going to burst some bubbles here, but I just need to come out and say it. There's no such thing as soulmates.

According to Wikipedia (which is of course the ultimate, authoritative source), the idea of soulmates started with the concept that we began as some kind of androgynous being which the "gods" split in half as punishment, and we're to spend our lives searching for our other half to feel complete. In my opinion that's more creepy than romantic.

And if you didn't know, the Bible doesn't mention soulmates at all. We, as Christians, have elevated marriage to be something that it's not, and we love the idea that there's one specific person out there for us to marry. What that really gets us, however, is a bunch of disappointed people because they're looking for a spouse to complete them.

Actually, I'd like to go back on my earlier statement. The Bible does talk about "the one." God is our soulmate. He is the only one who can complete us. Scripture is full of imagery to this affect like our souls longing and thirsting for God. And Christ is described as the living water which satisfies forever. We are disappointed that our significant other doesn't complete us, but that's because we are trying to force them to fill a role that they can never live up to. Only God truly satisfies.

So when your spouse isn't fulfilling you, and you're second guessing if they're your soulmate. Or your struggling with the single life because no one seems to live up to your expectations of "the one." Remember The One who loves you perfectly and whose love perfectly covers our imperfections. I'm not saying settle when you decide to marry. I am saying to see marriage as Scripture describes. As a covenant between a man and woman which imperfectly reflects the union between Christ and the Church. Not as a quest to find our missing half.

What are your thoughts on soulmates? How do you see this idea playing out in Christian culture today?


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